The HEF Foundation has focused its attention on veterinary students to the two Universities, which have significant emphasis on Camel medicine and surgery.  These are the Haryana Agricultural University in Hisar and the Veterinary school in Bikaner Rajasthan.  Dr Tinson and his Indian liaison officer Dr K.S.Kuhad visited both universities in June 1998.  Final year students at both universities now receive a year’s subscription to the Journal of Camel Research and Practice courtesy of the foundation.  Talks in May 2000 set the way clear for a series of workshops to be put on at both universities in specialist camel reproduction developments.  The formation of HEF India will assist this end.

Dr T.K.Gahlot publishes the Journal of Camel Research and Practice in Bikaner at the Camel Publishing House and the HEF foundation is supporting the journal as well as being the major sponsor of the production of a new camelid textbook.  The text titled “Selected Topics in Camelids” was released in April 2000, is a major work focusing on special aspects of camel research and that of their relatives in the Americas.

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